Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence
(South County & San Benito County)
1.877.END.SADV (1.877.363.7238)
Youth & Family Crisis Line
(South County)

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School Linked Services

Community Solutions' School Linked Services (SLS) program serves children and youth age 6 to 21 with full scope Medi-Cal. This program is focused on the prevention and early intervention of at-risk children, youth and young adults experiencing an onset of serious psychiatric illness. The goals of this program are to reduce stigma and discrimination; reduce disparities in access to mental health services; reduce the psycho-social impact of trauma; and reduce and prevent suicide risk.


Referrals are accepted through local schools, self-referral, social services, and the Santa Clara County Department of Behavioral Health Services (1-800-704-0900).


There are no fees to participate in this program. Full scope Medi-Cal is required.


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