Client Stories


Changing priorities

30-year-old Pamela* was referred to us from the Santa Clara Drug Treatment Court. When we met her, Pamela had been using heroin and meth daily for the past 15 years. She was isolated and struggling with depression and extreme social anxiety. At Community Solutions, Pamela was provided with a case manager who met with her weekly to work on managing...

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“If it hadn’t been for Community Solutions, I would have still been in that abusive relationship.”

When our Domestic Violence Advocate first met 33-year-old Clara* at the local police department, she was clearly upset and crying. There had been an incident of physical abuse earlier that day, and she was still reeling. Her abuser had been arrested, but he was the breadwinner of the family. In addition to her physical safety, she was now worried about...

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A new worldview at age 9

9-year-old Brandon* was being bullied at school and felt like an outcast. He was afraid to be at school without his mom by his side. When she wasn’t there, he became very aggressive and violent toward his peers. Most days he would not even go to school. When we met Brandon, he was barely attending school and had been sent...

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