Client Stories

Adam & Lea

Thank you for helping Adam find a new home!

9-year-old Adam was struggling. “I was a bad kid and if someone got me mad I would get really angry and throw things at you and everywhere,” he says. Then Adam’s mom, Lea, got sick with COVID and couldn’t work. Unable to pay rent, they stayed with family, then in their car, and sometimes in various motels. “Our life was...

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Thank you for helping Maya speak up and find safety

“I was scared something bad was going to happen to me and my grandma,” says Maya. “I was too scared to say anything because I didn’t know if I would be safe.” 10-year-old Maya had been sexually assaulted by the man who rented a studio behind her grandparents’ home where she lived. Thanks to you, Maya doesn’t have to be...

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Thank you for helping Ana's family start over amid COVID-19

Ana and her sons came to the U.S. seeking asylum. They fled cartel violence in their hometown where the children, ages 5-9, witnessed the execution of their stepfather and saw their mom threatened at gunpoint. They had extended family in the U.S. but COVID-19 and the related job losses left their family unable to help. Thanks to you, Ana and...

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Thank you for answering Caterina's call for help

Caterina doesn’t have much, but she works hard to give her three children the best possible life under their circumstances. Her son has a serious medical condition, so her life involves a a lot of doctor appointments. At the same time, she is diligent about her own mental health – she knows she cannot provide for her kids if she slides...

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Changing priorities

30-year-old Pamela was referred to us from the Santa Clara Drug Treatment Court. When we met her, Pamela had been using heroin and meth daily for the past 15 years. She was isolated and struggling with depression and extreme social anxiety. At Community Solutions, Pamela was provided with a case manager who met with her weekly to work on managing...

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