Everyone United for a Change to Create a Safer Hollister!

  • During our recent community assessment, Hollister residents stated that they felt judged and that they had been negatively impacted by the stereotyping of them and others. Many felt isolated and not connected to the community.

    Click here to read more from our Community Assessment.

  • Together we can make a difference. Take the Pledge!

    I, ________________________, pledge to stand up against judgement, bias and stereotypes in my community. I promise to step into the world putting my best foot forward by treating others the way I want to be treated. By taking this step, I will create a happier, healthier and safer environment for myself, my family, my friends and my community. 

  • Steps to Build a United Community:

    • Say Hi to your neighbor every day
    • Buy a stranger a coffee
    • Help a stranger carry their groceries
    • Compliment a new person every day
    • Call a different family member/friend every day and tell them you love them
    • When you see someone not doing well, offer a hug or ear to listen
    • What are other things you can do?
    1. _______________________________________________
    2. _______________________________________________
    3. _______________________________________________
  • How YOU can get involved:

  • Call 877-363-7238 for support 24 hours a day!

    If you or someone you know needs support, call Community Solutions 24/7 at 877-363-7238 to speak with a confidential advocate. We offer free support services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking, including counseling, accompaniment, assistance with restraining orders, and much more.

  • About the Hollister Innovators:

    The Hollister Innovators is a team of community members dedicated to creating a safer Hollister. The Innovators will use the Close to Home approach to design community-led initiatives and solutions to prevent domestic and sexual violence from happening in our community. Everyone plays a role. Youth and adults; people of all genders; family, friends, and neighbors; professionals and politicians all combine their voice and efforts to create change together.

I don’t know where I’d be without the help of Community Solutions. It provides me with stability. It means having support and people who believe in me. [Today] I am going to school. I am respecting myself. I am appreciating myself more.

Melanie, age 19, FSP-TAY Program

I no longer feel alone. I know I have an entire community that is ready to support me if I need it in the future.

Marta, age 40, Solutions to Violence

There's a lot of good things happening here. And I'm living proof of that. Change is possible.

John, age 49, FSP Criminal Justice Services Program

My grandson and my entire family would not have made it through this trying time without you. We were so lost and you helped us through.

Gloria, age 50, FIRST 5